Let it be.

Today is a good day, no mater when you read it. Every day is good, and one be will be when you leave the system for some journey, you can choose to start the journey almost all the time, but you are afraid of the unknown, you are afraid of the darkness. But some people live in it, a lot of life have no eyes. My eyes for my to see. But i like to rape myself and my conciousness trough them. I want to see what I have never seen and even imagined. I like to go to uncharted territory, and chart it in my brain. I need a small book with numbers of my friends telephones because I cant remember them all, but I do not have it, i do believe in the sistem, and that’s what keeps it running. I do plan my future, but without darkness i cannot see the point in to witch i am heading. I even do not feel the joy of sex. i lost it, i do need love. never thought about that how much love means to us. i do love a lot of people but some barrier is not letting us bind together in a senseless orgy of joy. We could form a striking force. Working in corporation i see how people who are remote to us don’t care about us. I try to care but it is difficult only hearing the voice on a telephone and their names in database. I work as some remote demigod witch must follow the rules of lots and lots of gods and demigods and devils. all the sistem is pulsating, it never crashes down, but we do teach the big bang theory, not the theory that we are gods in fight with some unspeakable force inside us and around us. we are fighting with numbers and symbols against numbers and symbols. The biggest symbol is to let someone inside you. i do not what to show photos, but the religion of disgraced body is already ruling the 1 world (thanks to sun not all of the third one). Do you believe in sun? I do. So you also believe in some super creature. You cannot say that sun is unreal and you dont believe in it, but to say that you dont believe in god is easy. This system will fall when we will start to see other sistems (stem cells) disstance from the god is changing in circles, but not perfect ones, and we do believe that it cant change fast, we do believe in it, its a stock market in witch we invest, we do everything for steadily rising things. Chemical response in your brain? Do you understand me? Its a lot of text in this blog (in my language it is the same word for bad), can I expect to receive any comments from complete stranger from other country. I think to do that I must talk in pictures: or in my own creations. These simbols in this text are only partial creation.

Never be alone, there is always someone in the internet searching for someone to love.

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