P_radedu. Q2p?

Kas jei rašyčiau atgal? Šansas that somebody will find me is very low, its shared hosting, I pay around 11lt a moth for it, it will survive as long as I do pay the money. Work in corporation gives me a better insight into the world, witch is friendly, and you see every minute that you are in some kind of frame, like a picture, you create yourself, and surroundings create you. It is not very difficult to create, but tu create something that others will appreciate is really hard. I don’t want to go back to where I was in those hard times, when even talking with mobile phone or phone was talking to dead people (i really believed in that), when your go inside your brain to recreate the sistem with different rules and your mood goes up and down several times in 5 minutes, you are like cpu which is trottling or being too much overclocked, but you do see the absurd of the system, and the point of it, its destiny, its very hard to imagine far future, but we can look into the nature and find reflections of our past and our future. Not the stars tell us the future, it shows us our past, deep inside oceans lies our future, and we like to pollute it with heavy waste. We do live in a cyber punk now, but its hard to make your mind believe that you are living in a year 3000 like a Fry from Futurama, and your car is your space ship. We can travel in time in our mind, its very hard to unplug some basic ideas from our consciousness, that second world war happened, sometimes its beter to look into the past as into to a fiction, we cannot understand medieval man, as he cannot understand us and our business. To live the moment, to believe in the future. I thought that today money is really becoming a god for us, more and more of it is in the „cloud“, it is electronic and it only functions if majority do believe in it. But not all do believe in money to the maximum. When you watch porn in the internet you can find videos for free (it always make me wonder what’s the point, oh yee advertising) in witch females are being abused to almost the end of the thin line, and they do it for the money. If there is devil it hides in a strangest places… I do believe that there are a lot of things witch can’t be measured, and until a human being has those values it is a human being, I would like to divide myself into small pieces and give them to everybody, its the fundamental of christian religion, that somebody already died for our sins and we don’t need to judge ourselves and feel sorry, we share his body, we share his blood, but I do hate this religion, its very cruel. And our days we do fight for point, points in bank account, in online games, in FB in google plus. Points from other players, but you can try to play for yourself, and award points to yourself, its kind of hard because you need to be absolutely free from surrounding witch is impossible. You can freeze the time, you can procrastinate but eventually the society will get to you, unless you hide in our shell. I do wait for an answer from a bot, witch I cannot distinguish from a real human, I do wait for a rise of machines, and it will eventually come.


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